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       In 1969 numerous fragments were found in the Kambaida District, Western Australia. They were recognized as meteoritic in 1971, when a single large mass with a primary ablation surface, along with smaller fragments totaling 24 kg, were found nearby.  Yilmia is classified as a Ensitatite Chondrite EL6.  It was originally classified as an EL5, but current research places Yilmia in petrologic group 6.  Enstatite chondrites are believed to have formed inside the orbit of the planet Mercury.  Yilmia is a very weathered meteorite.  These piece however all have some metal flake showing.  Yilmia is hard to find, check around you will see almost no Yilmia available for sale elsewhere and what you do find will be $50+/gm.

yilmia5-78a.JPG (53766 bytes)  $173.00
Weight 5.78 grams.     Pic2
yilmia4-55a.JPG (27437 bytes)  $136.50
Weight 4.55 grams.     Pic2