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       This meteorite fell 21 July 2002 in the country of Lesotho, Africa.  It was the first meteorite recovered from this country.   It was classified as an H4.  An estimated 35kg of material have been found.
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    94.33 gram stone found on a house roof in Ha Lephoi village 3 months after the fall.  When approached by David Ambrose collecting pieces of the meteorite a villager remembered hearing a sound on the roof at the time of the fall.  A search of the roof located this stone amongst drying mealie stalks.  Piece # 197 Ambrose catalog


    Two mating fragments totaling 1497 grams.  Part of a much larger stone (largest mass?) broken by a village chief looking for diamonds.  The largest fragment, 820 grams, is the third largest piece of Thuathe found.  Other pieces of 1020, 342, and 288 grams are believed to be from the same stone estimated to weigh 3.5 kg.

oriented stones

over 20 grams

10 to 20 grams

Less than 10 grams