For Sale

    Very rarely a sikhote-alin will have a hole in it.  This is a result of a thin place burning through while the piece was coming through the atmosphere.  Most holes are very small, only a couple mm across.  I was fortunate to get to look through about 15-20 pieces with holes and selected only these five.  All have nice large holes that are easy to see.

sk253-10a.JPG (61507 bytes)  $632.00
Weight 253.10 grams.  The piece has a large crevasse that cuts 1/2 to 2/3s of the way through, but one small section stayed intact forming a hole.   Pic2     Pic3     Pic4     Pic5
sk58-74a.JPG (71338 bytes)  $SOLD
Weight 58.74 grams.  Hole is 11x2mm.



sk51-56a.JPG (57628 bytes)  $SOLD
Weight 51.56 grams.  Hole is 8x4mm


sk40-17a.JPG (57219 bytes)  $SOLD
Weight 40.17 grams.  Free standing.  Hole is 4x6mm

    Pic2     Pic3

sk30-24a.JPG (70407 bytes)  $SOLD
Weight 30.24 grams.  Free standing.  Hole is 4x6mm.

    Pic2     Pic3     Pic4