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     This meteorite is without question the most beautiful of all the irons.  It fell on Feb. 12, 1947 Eastern Siberia, Russia. At 10:38 A.M. a large bolide (fireball) as bright as the Sun appeared traveling from North to South accompanied by detonations sending thousands of fragments to the frozen ground in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains of eastern Siberia.  Scientists quickly arrived  to study the fresh impact site. Two different types of the meteorite were found. There were many thousands of pieces of torn, twisted, sharp edged pieces called Shrapnel (like torn bomb fragments) and the incredibly beautiful regmaglypted individuals like the ones here.  Some shrapnel-type fragments were found imbedded in nearby trees indicating an explosion when large piece impacted the ground.  The nice regmaglypted individuals were found around and in some craters.  The largest crater measured 28 meters across and 6 meters deep.  Sikhote-Alin is classified as a IIB iron and is the coarsest octahedrite structure.

                       Oriented Pieces with FLOW lines

            Pieces with holes