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       Gobabeb was found in 1969.  A mass of 23 kilogarms, and a number of smaller fragments totaling 27 kilograms were found on the side of a sand dune about 8 miles SSE of Gobabeb, Namibia.    Since it was found there has only been a single 5040 gram stone to ever make it to the market.   It is classified as an H4.  This meteorite is fresh with lots of metal flake.  A few pieces have small pockets or short veins of metal and most pieces show thin black shock veins.   The pictures don't show the veins very well.  

gobabeb32-23a.JPG (65152 bytes)  $80.50
Weight 32.23 grams.  Cut fragment no crust but good shock veins.

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gobabeb11-47a.JPG (73725 bytes)  $34.40
Weight 11.47 grams.  This piece is about 1 5/8 by 1 3/8 inches.