Glorieta Mountain

For Sale

    Glorieta Mountain was first discovered in 1884. After the initial discovery other masses were found. The TKW is estimated to total 320 pounds (145kg).   Glorieta Mountain is classified as a pallasite however some masses are all iron and even those with olivine are mostly iron.  Glorieta is really rough to hunt and pieces are few and far between.  These are certainly above average pieces.

glorieta68-44c.JPG (20758 bytes)  $685.00
Weight 68.44 grams.  About 82x25x9mm (3 1/4 inches long) with great orientation lines on both ends.    Pic2    Pic3    Pic4
glorieta46-34a.JPG (17284 bytes)  $460.00
Weight 46.34 grams.  About 45x40x8mm.  Notice the flow lines.      Pic2    Pic3