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     Gibeon was found in 1836 but was known before this year. It fell in Namibia. Gibeon is classified as a fine octahedrite (0.3mm) type IVA. The crosshatched lines you see in some of the photos are called widmanstatten lines. These are the result of crystal growth of high nickel taenite and low nickel kamacite. When the meteorite is cut and polished an acid is applied to the surface. The acid more readily disolves the kamacite leaving the widmanstatten pattern. This is the material that spheres, knife blades and watch faces are made out of. Many tons of this meteorite have been found. Especially in the last decade using metal detectors. However the fall field has been picked over and it is getting harder to find. Wholesale prices have doubled over the last couple years and pieces are getting hard to find.   

gibeon361-5a.JPG (38721 bytes)  $360.00
Weight 361.5  grams.   Beautifully sculpted individual.