For Sale

     Esquel is the most beautiful of the pallasites and also the most stable.   A 1500 kg piece was found in 1951 by a farmer digging a livestock pond.  It is classified as a pallasite.   Pallasites are believed to be from the core/mantle boundary with iron from the core and olivine from the mantle.   The gemstone name for olivine crystals is peridot.  Some of the crystals in esquel are facet quality.    Most esquel is cut about 3mm or thicker.  Below are some very thin pieces.  

esquel56-1b.JPG (41162 bytes)  $1400.00
 Weight 56.1 grams.  About 115x50 mm tapered from 1 to 3mm thick.       Pic2
esquel38-3a.JPG (42358 bytes)  $SOLD
 Weight 38.3 grams.  About 103x66 mm and cut a very thin 1 mm thick.    Great surface for the weight.    Pic2
esquel17-06a.JPG (45934 bytes)  $680.00
 Weight 17.06 grams.  About 52x28 mm and cut a nice thin 2 mm thick.    
esquel15-76a.JPG (56464 bytes)  $630.00
 Weight 15.76 grams.  About 41x36 mm and cut an incredibly thin 1.5 mm thick.