Dar al Gani 779

For Sale

      This exciting new meteorite was found in Libia on 20 November, 1999.   It was classified as an Achondrite, Howardite.   Howardites are extremely rare and having a spectral resemblance to the asteroid Vesta, are believed to come from there.   This is the largest howardite ever found with a total known weight of 18.8 kilograms, most of which is in a single 15.5 kilogram piece.   This was recently listed in the August 2000 Meteoritical Bulletin which says it is a polymict breccia with fragmental matrix dominated by orthopyroxene, and with clasts of basaltic and cumulate eucrite, diogenite, anorthosite, porphyritic melt rock, and glassy fragments; orthopyroxene.

    I met the finder of this stone while he was in town trying to sell the main mass for a truly excessive amount of money.   He wants $300/gram retail for fragments.  It is however a very pretty meteorite and I did pick up a few small part slices.  The nice thing about these fragments is that they are all crusted.  It appears somebody cut some slices and then trimmed the crusted edges off the slices.  These pieces are the trimmed edges.    The faint lines on the background are 1/4 inch apart.

Prices reduced 25% on 28 Feb 2008

dag779wt1-55a.JPG (52903 bytes)

Weight 1.55 grams.   Notice nice crusted upper edge.


dag779wt1-54a.JPG (53762 bytes)  $277.00
Weight 1.54 grams.  Notice dark veins.


dag779wt1-37a.JPG (48843 bytes)  $246.60
Weight 1.37.  A nice veined piece from a dark region.  Great crust!           Pic2
dag779wt1-07a.JPG (41372 bytes)  $192.50
Weight 1.07 grams.  The white on Pic2 is a nice metal pocket.    Pic2
dag779wt0-98b.JPG (40118 bytes)  $176.50
Weight 0.98 grams.  Nice crusted edge.   Pic2    Pic3
dag779wt0-96a.JPG (57028 bytes)  $172.80
Weight 0.96 grams.  Crusted back side.      Pic2