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         Bensour (Working Name) fell on February 10, 2002 at around 4:30 PM in Morocco.    Preliminary lab results indicate it is LL6, FA 31 +/- 1, S4, W0.   It is a fine grained, monomict, brecciated LL6 chondrite.   The total weight seems to be in the 25 kilo range. 
     Mike Farmer interviewed several eyewitnesses (with a translator of course) and here is the story as told by Amhirich Omar, a Berber who was camping in the area. "Omar was out tending his camels when at about 4 in the afternoon on Sunday February 10, 2002, he saw a light in the sky to the west. It rapidly grew very bright but was not moving (it was coming at him strait on). Then quickly the object exploded into many pieces, and passed overhead leaving a trail of dark smoke. A moment later the explosions like thunder were very loud. He thought that it was a military jet that had been shot down. He saw the pieces fall to the ground about 3 kilometers from where he was. He told his children to guard the animals and he took his brother to go find the crashed airplane. (The area is on the disputed Morocco/Algeria border, and military is common there. No one is allowed there but military and Berbers who have rights to pass about anywhere.)  When the arrived at the area where he saw the pieces fall, he found burned black stones everywhere, and many broken pieces.  The date was listed previously as 11 or 12 Feb, but it is confirmed to be afternoon on Feb 10 as this is Sunday and that is market day in Rissani, so many Berbers had gone to the market there that day. 
   (Interview details from Mike Farmer, with permission)
     The pictures below of the interior don't show how really nice it is.  The small shock veins are everywhere and there are a number of troilite inclusions visible.  Even pieces with small chips <10mm across will show the shock veins.

bensour117-76c.JPG (47000 bytes)  $SOLD
 Weight 117.76 grams.   Great crust, beautiful piece with 98% crust.  White lines on the crust are from the impact when it landed.

    Pic2     Pic3     Pic4

bensour32-28b.JPG (45759 bytes)  $250.00
Weight 32.28 grams.   Great crust, beautiful view of the interior shock veins and troilite inclusions (arrow in pic 3)

    Pic2     Pic3

bensour9-98a.JPG (52193 bytes)  $SOLD
 Weight 9.98 grams.  White mark is from ground impact. About 70% crusted.  This piece was picked for its great looking interior.   

    Pic2     Pic3

bensour5-34a.JPG (44697 bytes)  $SOLD
 Weight 5.34 grams.  Great fully crusted stone.


bensour2-51a.JPG (51627 bytes)  $SOLD
 Weight 2.51 grams.   Nice small stone.  One chip on back side, about 95% crusted.