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      In 1906 a 310 pound  stone was found in Dallas County, Alabama about 2 miles N. of Selma near the Summerfield road.  It is possible this meteorite fell on 20 July 1898, but this cannot be verified.   It was a weathered mass and has been classified as an H4. The chondrules look very nice in this meteorite, however if it is polished, the surface appears black and the chondrules virtually disappear from sight.  These pieces were cut from an old slice that had been coated with a lacquer finish.  Where possible this finish was left intact but each piece has a side that has been sanded so that the chondrules show.         

selma8-02b.JPG (63005 bytes)  $36.00
 Weight 8.02 grams.  About 27x26x4 mm