Roosevelt County 102

For Sale

   Roosevelt County 102 is classified as a stone, chondrite, (L5). This beautiful meteorite was found near Rogers, New Mexico in 1989 and was recognized in 1998 during the Portales Valley fall. A farmer found it in his field and it sat on the front porch of his house. There was only one stone weighing 8347 grams with somewhat fresh fusion crust, still black in some areas. It has a beautiful gray-green matrix with many large jade-green chondrules. Over 2 kilograms of this meteorite was lost in cutting and polishing and another 1.5 kilograms is in two endcuts. Most of the rest has been traded away or is in large slices 5-6 inches across.  The black lines in this piece are shock veins. The rare high shock mineral Ringwoodite was found in these veins. This piece is polished on one side the other is the natural cut surface. This is one hard meteorite to photograph, it is MUCH better looking in person, the photos don't even come close to what this meteorite actually looks like. 

rc102wt154-9a.JPG (44557 bytes)  $540.00
Weight 154.9 grams.  Complete slice.  About 115x95mm and is 5mm thick.      Pic2
rc102wt44-7a.JPG (25445 bytes)  $150.00
Weight 44.7 grams.   About 48x40mm by 21mm thick.   This piece came off one of the two endcuts.