North West Africa 482

For Sale

       I was one of the investors in Mike Farmer's January 2001 trip to Morocco where he purchased an absolutely stunning Lunar meteorite.   It was an incredible oriented complete fresh stone, covered with flow lines and rollover rim. It weighed 1015 grams making it the second largest and freshest Lunar meteorite ever found.   It is a fabulous meteorite with large black glass veins and melt pockets in an almost pure white matrix.   It is completely unlike any other lunar meteorite, but it is similar to some of the Apollo samples.   I had the privilege of cutting this meteorite into slices for the investors.  Each piece will come with a certificate signed by myself as the cutter.   The certificate will have on it a photo of the complete stone as well as a photo of the piece purchased.  

The whole uncut stone!

lunar1.jpg (25437 bytes) lunar2.jpg (29089 bytes)

Pieces for sale

nwa482wt12-08a.JPG (58902 bytes)  $36,000
Weight 12.08 grams.  A full complete slice with a large shock vein.   The best of all the slices below 40 grams.    Super crust around the entire slice        Pic2     
nwa482wt2-05a.JPG (56993 bytes)  $8000.00
 Weight 2.05 grams.  About 37x24mm and a very thin 1mm thick.   Nice shock veins and brecciation as well as crust on two edges.     
nwa482wt0-1545b.JPG (8144 bytes)  $772.50
 Weight 0.1545 grams.  Cut fragment.

    Pic2     Pic3

nwa482wt0-0445b.JPG (6263 bytes)  $222.50
 Weight 0.0445 grams.  


 Weight 0.0322 grams.  


Weight 0.0214 grams.