La Criolla

For Sale

     On 6 January 1985 after a bright fireball and many detonations, tens of crusted stones fell over a 7 x 10 km elliptical area E of Estancion La Criolla, Argentina. One 750 gram stone crashed though the roof of a farmhouse.  La Criolla is classified as an L6 with a shock rating of S4.   The total known weight is about 35 kilograms, much of which was collected by Robert Haag soon after the fall.  The pieces below were purchased from Haag soon after his return and I recently purchased them from a private collection.  They are all beautiful, fresh stones.  Notice the veining in the slices below.   

lacriolla231-26a.JPG (58091 bytes)  $2500.00
Weight 231.26 grams.  About 70x60x40mm.   Very slightly oriented, hard to see in the photos, but visible in hand.

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