Gebel Kamil

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In Feb 2009 in the East Uweinat Desert, Egypt a 45 meter crater was found by an Italian-Egyptian geophysical team.   A total of about 1600 kg of iron meteorite shrapnel were found around the crater.   In addition a single 83kg regmaglypted individual was found.  This meteorite is classified as an Iron meteorite (ungrouped).


"Petrography: (M. D’Orazio, DST-PI; Luigi Folco, MNA-SI) Etched sections show an ataxitic structure interrupted on a centimetric scale by crystals of schreibersite, troilite and daubreelite enveloped in swathing kamacite. Kamacite spindles (20 ± 5 μm wide) nucleated on tiny schreibersite crystals. The spindles form small aligned clusters and are rimmed by taenite. The matrix is a duplex plessite made of approximately the same proportion of kamacite and taenite lamellae (1-5 μm in thickness) arranged in a micro-Widmanstätten pattern. Many sections show, particularly close to the external surface, shear dislocations offsetting the plessitic matrix and the crystals of the accessory phases by several millimeters."   Meteoriticial Society Database

     The pieces below have an exceptional patina as well as interesting shapes.

gebel1068-9a.jpg (40071 bytes)  $1600.00
 Weight 1068.9 grams.  Measures about 125x90x30mm     Pic2     Pic3     Pic4
gebel889-2a.jpg (32956 bytes)  $1330.00
 Weight 889.2 grams.   Measures about 115x60x45mm     Pic2     Pic3
gebel550-3a.jpg (41792 bytes)  $825.00
 Weight 550.3 grams.    Measures about 103x60x28mm    Pic2     Pic3
gebe288-91a.jpg (36568 bytes)  $433.00
 Weight 288.91 grams.   Measures about 65x50x20mm       Pic2     Pic3     Pic4
gebe255-34a.jpg (40105 bytes)  $383.00
 Weight 255.34 grams.   Measures about 62x52x25mm      Pic2
gebe242-40a.jpg (41674 bytes)  $363.00
 Weight 242.40 grams.   Measures about 60x55x22mm      Pic2
gebe195-19a.jpg (45270 bytes)  $292.00
 Weight 195.19 grams.    Measures about  72x57x20mm     Pic2
gebe157-10a.jpg (39037 bytes)  $235.00
 Weight 157.10 grams.    Measures about 65x40x16mm     
gebel74-06a.jpg (32642 bytes)  $111.00
 Weight 74.06 grams.    Measures about  60x35x10mm    Pic2     Pic3
gebel48-31a.jpg (36333 bytes)  $72.50
 Weight 48.31 grams.    Measures about 40x32x7mm     Pic2