DAG 476

For Sale

A Martian Meteorite

      DAG 476 was the 13th SNC.   It was found  May 1, 1998  in the Libyan Sahara desert.  It is a basaltic shergottite.   It was about 15 cm x 10 cm  and weighed 2,015 grams.     Three other separate basaltic shergottites designated DaG 489, DaG 670, and DaG 735 weighing 2,146 g, 1,619 g, and 588 g respectively were recovered in the same area.   Analysis show these are indistinguishable from those of DaG 476 and all four meteorites are likely paired.  The DaG 476 is less weathered than the DaG 489 or 670.  All four have been determined to be Martian meteorites by comparing isotopic analyses of these meteorites with data gathered by the Viking probes which landed on Mars in the 1970's.

     Martian meteorites seem very expensive selling for $1000+ per gram.  However $1000 per gram is only $200 per carat which is the equivalent to a very poor quality diamond.  Martian meteorites are much rarer than diamonds however.  The total weight of all the Martian meteorites found to date is only about 91931.4 grams. That is 459657 carats or less than 1% ( to be exact 00.938%) of the 49 million carats of diamonds recovered by "one" company, De Beers Group, in a "single" year, 2005. The pieces below are priced at only $750 per gram or $150 per carat and are all 1mm thick or less giving them great surface area for the weight.  

dag476wt2-431a.JPG (21011 bytes)  $1450   $600/gm
Weight 2.43 grams.  About 60x22mm and less than 1mm thick.   Great surface area for the weight.    Pic2     Pic3
dag476wt0-516b.JPG (18509 bytes)  $412.50
Weight 0.516 grams.  About 21x13mm